Drive more prospective customers to your business
We step into short-staffed digital marketing teams, helping execute, optimize, and analyze customer acquisition programs. 

What You Get

In it for you to win it.

We take your business seriously. You trust us with it and we come to the table with shared entrepreneurial spirit and accountability. We love taking on challenges and have self-driven ownership.

Rolled up sleeves.

Whether it’s campaign execution, technology implementation, process improvement or countless other tasks required to keep your business maturing, we’re on it. 

Life-long not fly-by-night. 

The difference between working with us and other agencies is life-long experience. Our founder has tackled more marketing challenges in 20 years than most.  Work with someone who’s helped more than 100 businesses over the years.

How We Help


From Paid Search to SEO, Email Marketing to Social, we’ve executed digital marketing strategies for nearly two decades for businesses of all types.

Technology Management

Use advanced marketing and customer technologies to
deliver smarter digital experiences and have cleaner data operations. 

Conversion Optimization

Launch creative solutions to educate your buyers. Apply a steady state of learning and testing to introduce new ideas that work.

Reporting & insights

Stay on top of the metrics that move your business and guide decisions. You’ll be backed by 18+ years of business and marketing reporting.

Technologies we use

And more…

About Shemash

Shemash (shuh-mahsh) provides marketing, digital operations, and technology services with over 20 years of direct experience.

The name Shemash was an accident – humorously said by the founder’s son to describe a statue on his bookshelf. And from that brief moment of “error,” our new business name formed.

Find out how we can help

Let’s chat about what business challenges keep you up at night.

About our founder

Michael Shearer is a hard-to-find growth marketer with a solid mix of technical + creative + analytical skill – a sought after combination in today’s fast-moving workplace. He’s worked in digital for 20+ years – with a deep focus on marketing, technology, analytics, content, operations, and more.

He’s launched and led successful digital marketing programs, tech stacks, and teams at 4 B2B SaaS start-ups, 3 agencies, and has supported more than 100 businesses in the past 2 decades.