Build and Scale Your Digital Marketing Engine

Put the required systems, technologies and processes in place to reach customers in a digital-centric world. 

Are you struggling to gain traction with your marketing, missing out on how better technology and operations can help you grow your business? Are you looking to introduce more effective and cutting-edge  programs to your mix?

I help short-staffed leaders at small businesses and early stage start-ups implement a wide range of marketing programs they need to grow.

Bring expertise “in house” at a fraction of the cost. Whether you need a “first marketing hire” or someone to augment small, existing teams, I’ll advance your marketing without having to hire multiple, full-time people.

What You Get

In it for you to win it.

I take your business seriously. You’re trusting me with it and I come to the table with a shared entrepreneurial spirit and accountability to outcomes.

A long-running journey in start-ups and SMBs has shown that I am passionate about solving big challenges and have self-starter ownership of whatever I can help you with. 

Rolled up sleeves.

I’m not a consultant just giving you ideas and having your team figure them out. I do the work wherever necessary. 

Whether it’s technology implementation, process improvement or countless other tasks required to keep your business maturing, I’m on it. 

Life-long not fly-by-night. 

There’s a big difference between working with me and other consultants – life-long experience. I’ve tackled more marketing technology and operations challenges in 20 years than most. 

Would you prefer a trusted partner who has been in the trenches for more than 100 businesses over the years or someone dabbling with freelance work?  

I get you – you get me. 

You’re hiring an agency of one when you work with me – I’m not outsourcing the work, I’m using my 20+ years of experience to deliver it directly. I’ll personally be there for you week-in-week-out. 

If there’s ever something I can’t directly do, we’ll discuss what is needed to make it happen. Communicating advanced technical requirements is another skill on my long list. 


Marketing Automation & CRM

Use advanced marketing and customer relationship automation to deliver smarter digital experiences and clean data operations. I’ve spun up and managed dozens of integrated marketing automation + CRM systems. 

Conversion strategies

Deploy creative solutions like interactive product demos, lead conversion tools and dynamic site personalization to educate your buyer on exactly what they are looking for. Apply my steady state of learning and testing to introduce new ideas that work.

Digital Marketing

From SEO to Paid Search, Email Marketing to Social, I’ve consistently executed digital marketing strategies for nearly two decades for businesses of all types: SaaS, Local, eCommerce and more. 

Performance reports & insights

Stay on top of the metrics that move your business and guide decisions. You’ll be backed by 15+ years of business and marketing reporting.

Project Management

Keep your work consistently moving forward. Take advantage of my years as a marketing operations pro at agencies to always be advancing


Digital marketing systems are more complex than ever and need a trusted support center. Have one of the most seasoned pros out there keeping a watchful eye.


And More...

About Michael Shearer

I am a hard-to-find growth marketer with a solid mix of technical + creative + analytical skill – a sought after combination in today’s fast moving workplace. Worked in digital for 20+ years – with a deep focus in marketing, technology, analytics, content, operations and more.

I’ve launched and led successful digital marketing programs, tech stacks and teams at 4 B2B SaaS start-ups, 2 agencies, and have supported more than 100 businesses in the past 2 decades.

You can learn about what I’ve been up to on LinkedIn.

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About Shemash

Shemash (shuh-mahsh) provides marketing, digital operations and technology services from over 20 years of direct experience. The name Shemash was an accident – incorrectly (and cutely) used by my son in conversation describing a statue on my bookshelf. 

And from that brief moment of “error” my new business was born. I love word play and the name Shemash also hints at my last name (Shearer) and combining everything I’ve learned along the way (mash up). But that changes the pronunciation so if you call it like you read it, I don’t mind.