Recent Performance Improvements

A few examples of how Shemash has made meaningful improvements at various companies

Company A: Paid Search & Pipeline

Through paid search, the first month on the contract with a Series B software start-up, grew high-quality sales opportunities 2x over the best month in company history. 

Considerable growth in inbound demo requests via paid search.

An update as of November 2023: still significant growth in average meetings per month with a seasonal dip and big rebound in Q4.

Company B: Organic Search & Pipeline

Pipeline growth supported by doubling organic search YoY for a Series B SaaS start-up. For another company, generated more than $8M marketing-sourced pipeline.

Started from scratch so grew this traffic from zero to 4k+ visitors/month (ahrefs data).
Google Analytics reported 10k visitors/month. 

Company C: Conversion Rate Optimization

Increased demo request landing pages conversion rate 40+% by scaling Series Bsoftware company.
Chart is showing 4 months of data, compared to previous period. 

Company D: Lead Generation

Increased inbound leads by 10K so far YTD (2023) for ecommerce company.